History of the museum


A passion, an idea, a challenge

The start of the story

The Old Trade Museum was born out of a crazy adventure, that of a couple of enthusiasts, Christine and Jean-François, who since the early 80s, outside of their professional activity and in their free time, go start collecting thousands of items related to trade and crafts.
First of all small objects, then furniture in order to put them back in their original context.
The two lovers will also accumulate a multitudeadvertising objects, enamel plaques, posters, advertising media of all kinds, to arrive, over the years, in a breathtaking and astonishing collection.


In 1988, invaded from all sides, Christine and Jean-François said to themselves: "Why not create a museum and share our universe, our passion by reconstructing, life-size, the shops and craftsmen's workshops of the first half of the 20th century, era of small shops and small trades? "
When this idea is announced, everyone takes them for crazy!
The couple then went in search of a place and in 1989, in the center of Rochefort, they acquired a former hardware warehouse (dating from the beginning of 1900) whose Eiffel-style architecture was predisposed to perfectly highlight the area. reconstitution of around twenty shops and allow you to step back in time.
Don't places and objects have a soul?